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Beemer The Kangaroo

Beemer lives with Julianne Bradley, who saved him after a road accident 18 months ago and with whom he shares her home in Glendambo, South Australia.

The woman rescued Beemer from his mother’s pouch after she was killed by a BMW motorcycle.

Beemer is now hopping happily around Julz’s backyard and in and out of the doggy door of her house – which he makes a bit bigger by kicking every now and then to accommodate his growing body.

He shares the yard and house with Julz’s other pets – Woolly the merino sheep, dogs Ned, Apples and Cider and Petie the cat.

“I love him and he loves me,” Julz said. “It would break my heart if he ran away but I don’t think he will. He’s just like part of the family, he’s like my son.”

1 comment to Beemer The Kangaroo

  • Lesleigh Edwards

    Jules is a good friend of mine . We met when she was at Keith working at the roadhouse. We have kept in touch but I hadn’t seen Beemer before. He is lovely and looks as if he is a good companion too. I had a joey but he died. We called him Kaefer ( pronounced Kayfer which means K for kangaroo). Beemer looks happy enough where he is. Good on Ya’ Jules for saving a beautiful animal. Lesleigh.

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