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Boxing cat

Maybe someday this cat will become next Mike Tyson

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Skateboarding dog

This pet is definitely better skateboarder than me.

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Cute little hamster crashes house

Hamster destroys house with his demolition ball. Play it with sound!

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Bath Time For Hedgehogs

Animals love to take a bath too. Just look at this hedgehogs, they are so cute.

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Sushi for your pet!

Do you like sushi? Let your little pet enjoy it too 🙂

Funny animal compilation

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The incredible transformations of poodle dogs

It takes just two hours for owners to transform their pets, which are sheared and coloured to achieve each look. Click “Read More…” to see more photos!

Football player



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Some funny goldfish photos

Check out this 10 goldfish photos 🙂

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“Blox Forever” Flash game

Can you get your brain around matching all of the blox together to clear each level? Click “Read More…” to play!

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Dogs and laptops

33 Photos of cute dogs and portable computers. 🙂

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