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Ultimate Dog Tease

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Dramatic Pug

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Dog vs. Zhu Zhu pet hamster

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Latest fashion trends for dogs

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Wally the dog gets stuck between two walls

The dog had managed to squeeze itself into a six inch space between two buildings and was unable to move.

Rescuers found the Shar-Pei mix completely stuck and spent an hour freeing him from the tight spot in Cathedral City, California.

The four-year-old dog was pulled out weak and dehydrated but was immediately revived – with a bean-and-cheese burrito.

He was later given the all clear by vets who also gave him the nickname Wally while his owner is traced.

John Walsh, of Riverside County Animal Control, said: ‘Wally got wedged between parallel cinder-block walls.

‘We managed to knock out enough of the blocks to, well, free Wally. He may have been chasing a cat or a rabbit when he got stuck.’

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Cruel but Funny

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Speed painting dog portrait in pastel

A commissioned portrait of Jake the Gordon Setter, painted in pastel pencils (all brands) on sanded paper (Fisher 400).

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Scooby-Doo sandwich jigsaw puzzle Flash Game

Like puzzle games? Try this one! :) Click “Read More…” to play!

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Crazy cat attacking dog

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Britain’s weirdest dog finally finds new owner

35-year-old cafe worker April Parker “fell in love at first sight” with this ugly-looking pointer cross named Ug.

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