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Dramatic Pug

YouTube Preview Image

2 comments to Dramatic Pug

  • maddie

    i loved the drmatic puppy because i love pugs and his face looked so cute and scared that puppy just looked so cute to me and usally i hate dogs but that dog is just sdo cute and pus are yheonly dog that i like the other dogs are just so nasty and bark to much and most of them grow to big also a jermen sheperdsare another dog i love i had one once and it died of a snake or spider bite we never found out we lived out in the country so there was manythings that could have happend to him and whoever posted this video your dog is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • maddie

    omg that cat and those dolphions were so cute atleast rhe dolphins because i am alergicto cats and i do not want to get near them thnings because they usally atack me i think they do not likeme or soimething i dont know but i hate cats and so does my mom brcause they are just so nasy you haveto clean out there litter box almost every other day and they stink the point is i only liked the dolphins and i hate cats and that cat

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